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  • Un giorno a Vigevano
    In attesa del nuovo governo, e della primavera, vi presentiamo una bellissima città lombarda, Vigevano. "Bella, colta e situata a soli 35 km da Milano, Vigevano è la “città ideale” immaginata da Leonardo Da Vinci. Al genio rinascimentale, che qui soggiornò a lungo presso la corte di Ludovico il Moro, ... read more
    Source: Italian News ClicksPublished on 2018-03-11
  • Alumni After Emmanuel: An Interview with 2015 Graduate, Sarah Faulkner
    It is always inspiring and advantageous to hear about what alumni of the Department of Chemistry and Physics are up to and how they got there. This week I got a chance to speak with alumni Sarah Faulkner who graduated from Emmanuel College in 2015. First I asked Sarah what ... read more
    Source: Chemistry and PhysicsPublished on 2018-03-02
  • Alex Paige ’20 – Repairing microfluidic devices
    After completing experiments to test the effect of gold nanoparticles on calcium phosphate mineralization in solution with a microplate reader, Alex has moved on to microfluidics as a new analytical tool. Microfluidics provides more quantitative data than the plate reader and Alex plans to test the same concentration of nanoparticles ... read more
    Source: Gerdon LabPublished on 2018-03-01
  • Nella mente dei pianisti
    20 GENNAIO 2018 Lo studio di Roberta Bianco, neurobiologa diplomata al conservatorio, svela le differenze nella mente di jazzisti e musicisti classici. Mostrando come la loro mente sia perfetta per capire i segreti della neuroplasticità umana. Anni e anni di esercizio, infatti, la rendono un ottimo terreno d'esame L'ammirazione ... read more
    Source: Italian News ClicksPublished on 2018-02-22
  • Emma Duffy ’19 – Next experiment? QCM!
    Emma is continuing with the affinity project and is always looking for new ways to evaluate the DNA aptamer affinity for calcium phosphate materials. While giving a presentation for the Introduction to Research Methods class last semester she made a connection between her research and the Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM). ... read more
    Source: Gerdon LabPublished on 2018-02-21
  • A Message from the President: On the Shooting in Florida
    Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, Two days ago, Ash Wednesday, we heard of yet another horrific school shooting in our country. By the time it was over, 17 people, both students and educators, lay dead inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The confessed gunman, a 19-year-old former ... read more
    Source: Published on 2018-02-16
  • 360-Degree Views of Model Unit
    Emmanuel's IT Team visited the model unit on the second floor of the building and used their 360-degree camera to capture the space from a unique perspective. The camera uses two fisheye lenses back-to-back to give viewers a chance to see the apartment layout in a whole new way. Click ... read more
    Source: New Residence HallPublished on 2018-02-16
  • A Chemist’s Valentine’s Day
    Valentine's Day. What does it mean to you? After a quick chat with senior Chemistry Major, Bobby Tzepos, we were able to learn that Valentine's Day means, “a quick trip to Tasty Burger to treat yourself.” Senior Biology Major, Tanner Rogers, says “Valentine’s Day is a day where you appreciate ... read more
    Source: Chemistry and PhysicsPublished on 2018-02-12
  • Jake Shlaferman ’19 – Pipette boot camp
    Jake spends a lot of time pipetting in the research lab when preparing his plate reader mineralization experiments. In his Analytical Chemistry lab last week, he was put to the test to truly see how well he can pipette when he was tasked with calibrating his own 1000µL pipette. He ... read more
    Source: Gerdon LabPublished on 2018-02-08
  • Founder’s Week: Chemists Upholding the Mission of Emmanuel College
    This past week Emmanuel College celebrated Founder's Week. This week-long event seeks to celebrate the Sisters of Notre Dame, the founding of the College itself, and the Mission the College seeks to uphold. This is one of the best times for the Department of Chemistry and Physics to reflect on ... read more
    Source: Chemistry and PhysicsPublished on 2018-02-04
  • Dr. Gerdon tackles LC-MS
    It's not often that Dr. Gerdon gets to head into the lab to work on a new experiment, but the introduction of a new LC-MS instrument in the department was the right catalyst! Dr. Gerdon is hoping to using this instrument in the Analytical Chemistry class at the end of ... read more
    Source: Gerdon LabPublished on 2018-01-30
  • Il discorso di Mattarella per il Giorno della Memoria
    Per commemorare il giorno della memoria vi proponiamo qualche riga del bel discorso del nostro presidente della Repubblica, Sergio Mattarella, in occasione delle celebrazioni di questa importante giornata. "Il presidente della Repubblica non si è limitato alla celebrazione rituale o alla deplorazione generica. Ha invece affrontato la questione ancora scabrosa ... read more
    Source: Italian News ClicksPublished on 2018-01-26
  • Throwback Thursday to “Chemistry of Fire and Explosives”!
    Throwback to year ago when Chemistry of Fire and Explosives, a two thousand level chemistry elective, was being offered. The course covers the different types of fire and explosives that exist in the world and their relation to combustion, fire-fighting, military, and forensics. Throughout the course, there are a variety ... read more
    Source: Chemistry and PhysicsPublished on 2018-01-25
  • Welcome Back Newsletter | January 2018
    Emmanuel Partners with Gallup to Launch StrengthsQuest Achievement Program Emmanuel’s new StrengthsQuest Achievement initiative is a six-week non-credit seminar engaging students in a process of self-discovery and talent development. The seminar will begin the week of January 29, 2018, and conclude the week of March 12, 2018. StrengthsQuest introduces students ... read more
    Source: Published on 2018-01-25
  • Liliana Segre Senatrice a vita
    Il Presidente della Repubblica, Sergio Mattarella, ha nominato Senatrice a vita, Liliana Segre per aver illustrato la Patria con altissimi meriti nel campo sociale.  ... Una scelta non casuale quella del Presidente della Repubblica che ha deciso di procedere con la nomina a pochi giorni dalla celebrazione della Giornata della ... read more
    Source: Italian News ClicksPublished on 2018-01-20